8 thoughts on “Blame Amazon for next Riot

  1. We all know that it is forbidden by Islamic tradition to sell a Quran. Which makes me wonder (diregarding non-muslims) whether any muslim that purchases a Quran does so with the understanding that they might be causing another to sin.
    Just a thought.

  2. who cares, why should Amazon be held responsible in anyway, she’s lucky shes receiving a gift certificate. You know she should hold a news conference about, muslims rioting and murdering because of allegations of desecration to their religous book, Lets see you insulted my holy book, I’ll show you by rioting and killing….hmmmmm

  3. Tom Friedman’s piece in the NYTimes today is on the topic. He makes some good points. I’d link, but I’m too tired.

  4. Ari, that’s actually news to me.
    we all know that the ‘final war’ will between esav and yishmael. We might already be in the middle of it already, or maybe it hasn’t yet started.

  5. Picking up where Ronen left off…
    “[I]f we have an information campaign, it must all be about explaining to them who we are, and why we are not bad people, and why Newsweek made a mistake. It must never involve us asking who they are and why they are behaving in ways that don’t live up to the values they profess.”

  6. josh, this “final war” mishigoss smells alot more fundy Christian than Jewish. What gives?

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