Kabbalah products drop all hint of anything icky and Jewish

I was in Sephora this weekend picking out lip plumpers or something and came upon this wall of 22 different Kabbalah candles, thougtfully packaged with a red string.
Look, I know this topic is beaten to death and I look forward to your onslaught of comments telling me “this is so 5764,” but I just have to remark on how the label on this particular brand of Kabbalah Candle goes on and on about “meditating on the Hebrew letters” bringing you inner peace, etc, but then DOESN’T EVEN INCLUDE ANY LETTERS anywhere on the packaging. I even opened up the package to look for the mystical letters inside and there was nothing there, either. WTF?
Kabbalah Candles at Sephora.com

11 thoughts on “Kabbalah products drop all hint of anything icky and Jewish

  1. I had a goyische friend suckered into a “kabbalah.” She wised up and quit when advised to buy an expensive editrion of the Zohar in Hebrew only (she doesn’t read Hebrew), and was told that just looking at the letters would enlighten her.

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