Bob Knight: [Non-Existent] Anti-Christmas Crusaders Are Nazis

The infinitely amusing Sam Seder (Jew!) of The Majority Report on Air America dukes it out on CNN with Bob Knight from the Culture and Family Institute over “The [Bogus] War on Christmas.”
Knight throws out some crap about Chanukah not mattering to anyone and then goes into a rant about the Nazis taking Christmas trees out of public schools.
I’m wondering if it’s on Kel Mehlman’s talking point list to find new and amusing ways of calling liberals Nazis. It seems like they’re recuperating the term from the Left. The Nazi allusions must’ve been hitting too close to home.

7 thoughts on “Bob Knight: [Non-Existent] Anti-Christmas Crusaders Are Nazis

  1. Straight from the Dobson and Bobby Eberle playbook. Great way to keep America divided. Which is the goal methinks.
    Now, why would they want to do that? /s

  2. wow
    Well, to be honest they both look like idiots. Sam Seder was funny, and meant well, but getting upset while that Knight loon kept his cool (while basically calling Jews Grinches/Nazis) certainly didn’t help his cause. But yeah, it’s hard to believe that CNN found this topic worthy of 5 minutes of talking head blabber.

  3. Actually, it was more like 10 minutes!
    I love the fact that Knight accused Seder of “forced conversion”. They always do that – accuse their opponents of using tactics that they themsevles have been employing for decades.
    I agree that Seder didn’t do himself any favors by becoming histrionic.

  4. I’m with Ronen. They both looked like idiots and the interviewer was useless. Seder was horribly annoying. Knight played the nazi card which makes him look like an idiot to me, but some in CNN’s audience may not agree. The most useful thing about this interview was the quoted statistic.

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