Kazakhs Pull Plug On Borat's Website

Reuters reports,

The authorities in Kazakhstan, angered by a British comedian’s satirical portrayal of a boorish, sexist and racist Kazakh television reporter, have pulled the plug on his alter ego’s Web site.
Sacha Baron Cohen plays Borat in his “Da Ali G Show” and last month he used the character’s Web site www.borat.kz to respond sarcastically to legal threats from the Central Asian state’s Foreign Ministry.
A government-appointed organization regulating Web sites that end in the .kz domain name for Kazakhstan confirmed on Tuesday it had suspended Cohen’s site.

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One thought on “Kazakhs Pull Plug On Borat's Website

  1. Oh I’m not worried about Sacha… I’m sure there are many countries willing to open their digital arms to him.
    Seriously, though, the Kazakhs are in a damned if the do/damned if they don’t situation. And I applaud Borat for putting them there…. not because they deserve it, but because it’s funny.

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