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Bombs Away

In all this talk of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, we have forgotten that perhaps they are following Israel’s example.
ìäáãéì, of course, as Jacob Heilbrunn explains

Israel conducted its search for a nuclear bomb with restraint and diplomatic dexterity. The bluff and bombast emanating from the lunatics in Tehran could not be further removed from Israel’s emphasis on nuclear weapons as a last resort. Israel has always understood something that Iran does not: how to keep a secret secret.

12 thoughts on “Bombs Away

  1. “Following Israel’s example”? Really. Like being deligitmized at every opportunity by the regional establishment? Unwelcomed in every UN regional working group? The focus of incessantly maniacal conspiracy theories? And in desperate need of deterence under such circumstances? Soon enough we’ll hardly be able to tell Israel and Iran apart.

  2. Hey Israel, how about a nuclear free middle east? Someday you’ll regret not supporting that idea….
    The biggest obstacle to restraining Iran’s nuclear ambitions is Israel’s posession of the bomb.

  3. “Someday you’ll regret not supporting that idea….”
    Charles, there are quite a few IDF generals that believe the mere threat of Israel having a nuclear weapon provided enough clout to win the Yom Kippur War.

  4. >The biggest obstacle to restraining Iran’s nuclear ambitions is Israel’s posession of the bomb.
    Would you care to rethink how the U.S. checked Japanese ambitions in WWII, Charles?

  5. What Zionista said.
    Charles, get a freaking clue, would you?
    Israel and the Jews are the GOOD GUYS. Iran, et al, are the BAD GUYS. The GOOD GUYS get to have weapons to defend themselves, the BAD GUYS don’t get to have weapons to attack other people.
    Is that so hard to understand?
    It would be nice if nobody needed the Bomb. But Israel is not obligated to sacrifice itself for the sake of a world that takes every opportunity to kill Jews and deligitmize Israel, or, to be charitable, looks the other way while somebody else does it, hoping that if they throw the Jews to the wolves the wolves will, at least, eat them last. Those days are over, for good or ill.
    I hope Israel has got at least 50 nukes per Arab country, and another 100 for Iran, all primed and ready to go. It’s the only thing that will keep them honest.

  6. “Ephraim: and ofcoarse the only thing that will keep Israel from using those weapons is Iranians having them too.”
    Somehow, it’s been 40-odd years and counting of Israel’s possessing nukes while Iran and the Arab countries did not, and Israel hasn’t used those weapons.
    “So you get to nuke other. Fun fun fun! ”
    Yes, those filthy Jews are just itching to use their weapons to nuke others. Why? For fun, of course.
    But after 40 years, Israel hasn’t nuked anyone, and isn’t threatening to do so. So, Dameocrat, what do we call a person who makes baseless and malicious accusations against Jews?

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