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I hope they won't notice

The US and Israel plan on taking down the democratically elected Hamas government of the PA, without anyone noticing.

The United States and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the Palestinian government so that newly elected Hamas officials will fail and elections will be called again, according to Israeli officials and Western diplomats.


The strategy has many risks, especially given that Hamas will try to secure needed support from the larger Islamic world, including its allies Syria and Iran, as well as from private donors.
It will blame Israel and the United States for its troubles, appeal to the world not to punish the Palestinian people for their free democratic choice, point to the real hardship that a lack of cash will produce and may very well resort to an open military confrontation with Israel, in a sense beginning a third intifada.

and of course

The United States and the European Union in particular want any failure of Hamas in leadership to be judged as Hamas’s failure, not one caused by Israel and the West.

Here’s to hoping that nobody notices that the downfall of Hamas was orchestrated in advance by the US and Israel. Whoops, I guess the existance of this NYTimes article means its too late for that.

4 thoughts on “I hope they won't notice

  1. The only “orchestration” on the part of the US or Israel would be the witholding of money; this is hardly secret plotting against Hamas. How can you criticize Israel for refusing to fund the terrorists who plot against her?

  2. Didn’t everyone understand from the Hamas win that the ‘West’ doesn’t control what Arabs think and do? That no matter how much pop-culture the west tries to push on VOA or through other mediums, the ‘Arab/Moslem’ ‘moderate’ just doesn’t appear. I thought that is was so clear that any Arab promoted by America/Israel is immediately tainted on the Palestinian street, immediately. If the arrogant west thinks it can influence Palestinian society by trying to delegitimize Hamas, it will soon discover that it is essentially delegitimizing the entire Palestinian entity. The ‘new Hamas politicians’ can’t fail because their predecessors were corrupt buffoons. Russia is inviting them to get the red carpet treatment in order to impress on them the trappings of roaming the world, first class, like kings. On secular people, the effect is very hard to resist, but on a religious, ideaologist it can actually have the opposite affect in having this person scorn the opulent ‘western leaders’ lifestyles (that remind them of their previous corrupt PLO/fatah/Arafat leadership).
    What to do? Stop sending them money, dismantle the antiquated and anti-semitic UNWRA, and finally start demanding reciprocity.

  3. The union took down the confederate states elected goverment, Hitler was also elected by the masses. whats your point? Just do it – take’m out.

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