Bombs Away

Looks like Jew Watch has pulled ahead of Wikipedia on Google. You know what that means: Time to just Jew it.

In related news, Google’s getting some flack for some user-created forums on their social networking site, Orkut, which include such lovely themed discussion threads as “Death to the Jews” and “Death to Blacks.”

So much for “Don’t be evil.”

8 thoughts on “Bombs Away

  1. I support the Jooglebomb campaign and I support free speech even for the haters of the world. Jew Watch is an annoyance, and through our efforts, we will keep it at that level. It is better to stay vigilant against potential threats we can see than to get lazy about rising threats we cannot.

  2. i dont know why you people are complaining again when you’re always sticking up for the arabs, who have proven nazi ties and also want to acheive the same goal.
    you’re worse than these Nazi sites

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