4 thoughts on “Madge Says Kabbalah Or Kiss Off

  1. ok first off, kabbalah center kabbalah isn’t really kabbalah, its watered down chassdut.
    the reason most places steer away from kabbalah is the seriousness of the subject matter, its not study to be entered into lightly.

  2. In my synogogue, Kabbalah, as a source of serious study, is mostly ignored. Is this common? Is this a more liberal view?
    yisrael, you seem to be a 100% sinceere guy. I hope you get a chance to do some real learning with an orthodox community as you continue your path to and through judaism, many of the answers and questions you don’t have yet will become more clear.

  3. i really just cannot understand what’s so attractive about Kabbalah. When I first heard about it I was also intrigued and fascinated. After I got a glimpse, I now feel that its not about meditation, alternative states of consciuosnous or Jewish shamanism. Its just a mystical theory of halachah. I think its interesting for rabbis and scholars, but its not as trippy as everyone thinks. I find works such as Hovvot Halavvot more inspiring – its like a Jewish sufism.

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