British Jew Marries Dolphin in Eilat

Ynet reports,

An unusual wedding ceremony was held in the southern resort town of Eilat on Wednesday, as Sharon Tendler, a 41-years-old Jewish millionaire from London married her beloved Cindy, a 35-years-old dolphin, Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.
The groom, a resident of the Eilat dolphin reef, met Tendler 15 years ago, when she first visited the resort. The British rock concert producer took a liking to the dolphin and has made a habit of traveling to Eilat two or three times a year and spending time with her underwater sweetheart.
“The peace and tranquility underwater, and his love, would calm me down,” the excited bride said after the wedding.
After a years-long romance, Tendler decided to embark on the highly unusual path of tying the knot with her beloved dolphin. Last week, she approached Cindy’s trainer Maya Zilber with the extraordinary request.
Zilber accepted the challenge and “talked the idea over with the fellow,” who apparently consented.

I can already hear the opponents of gay marriage’s knuckles cracking…

15 thoughts on “British Jew Marries Dolphin in Eilat

  1. This is really scary. There are a frighteningly large number of people who are actually engaging in relations with dolphins. And there are scary websites about that give eerily specific instructions on how to do so. Hide me from the freaky people.
    I know about this because my roommate read it on fark.

  2. yes, we are sorry she is both British and Jewish.
    A google for her name shows no results, so who the heck is this person and is it for real?
    Never heard of this person is London.

  3. Even if they are the same sex, I believe that as long as both the human and dolphin are Jews, a Conservative rabbi would marry them, right? 🙂 After all, as long as it’s not an intermarriage…

  4. I am not sure what is more frightening that someone decided that marrying a Dolphin seemed like a good idea, or that anyone was actually willing to perform some kind of ceremony.
    (I would like more information on where the happy couple is going for the Honeymoon, and when/where they will be living afterward.)

  5. I heard it on the news on the radio this morning, so it must be true! – they didn’t actually mention that either person/dolphin was jewish though.

  6. meanwhile, Lieutenant Ori Binamo, 21, stopped a suicide bomber today at the cost of his own life – the bomber intended to murder a group of children at a hannukah party. so post and talk about a prank, i’d match rather think about and salute binamo, and mourn his loss. hes what israel and judaims is all about, not a rich millionaire, not a hipster, not mr cool – just a brave jew guarding the lives of ohter jews and willing to give up his life to protect them – g-d bless you Lieutenant Binamo.

  7. Right on AviGreen!
    Why spend an breath talking about such trash as a woman marrying a dolphin. As a progressive democrat who has stood up to his father when supporting Civil Unions I am very, very upset about this. My father, a conservative republican said that the next thing that would happen is that people would want to marry their pets or animals. I asserted that that was ridiculous…. I guess I was wrong, I owe my father an apology now. These crazies are really trying to destroy the divine meaning of marriage. It is plain sad, especially considering that it is known that she is of Jewish descent… What a shame on our people…
    Hashem, please have mercy on us, they are not truely evil people, just misguided…
    I pray that this is just a prank…
    Michael U

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