Jews For Jesus Versus Google

Full text of the complaint is up here.
Among other goodies is this lil’ accusation:

The aforesaid acts of Whistle Blower constitute use in commerce of words, terms, names, symbols and devices, and combinations thereof; false designation of origin; false and misleading descriptions of fact; and false and misleading descriptions of fact that are likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive as to the affiliation, connection or association of Whistle Blower with Plaintiff…

Hey wait, isn’t that a description of J4J itself?
Also included in the complaint: a lengthy history of blogging; the revelation that J4J puts out over 5 million pamphlets annually; and, most priceless of all, J4J’s 1983 trademark papers — including a Magen David for the “o” in “For.” Clever! But, lest you think they were getting too uppity back in ’83, the papers signal a note of humility:

No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the star of David, apart from the mark as shown. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the words “Jews” and “Jesus,” apart from the mark as shown.

Thanks, guys. So how about we keep “Jews,” and you keep “Jesus”?

6 thoughts on “Jews For Jesus Versus Google

  1. The whole organization is designed to trap un-educated or under-educated Jews in to believing that they are Jews also, but ‘Completed’ Jews. (I don’t know about anyone else, but I frankly find that term to be very offensive.) I would really like to see them disappear, I just don’t know how we can get them to go away and leave us alone.

  2. the chinaman isn’t the issue. we can get them to go away by improving our Jewish communities and quality and accessibility of Jewish education–focus on warmth, diversity, unconditional love, and meaningful meaning. they’re not the problem–they’re a particularly aggravated symptom of our problems as a greater Jewish community.

  3. people really really detest J4J in the institutional jewish community. i suspect it is because J4J’s success is necessarily predicated on the minstream jewish community’s failures. as you say dede, if we got our shit toghether and there were many compelling jewish communities that cultivated excitement about education , J4J would be a non-issue.
    why are we so keyed into the symptom not the underlying problem?

  4. How about Christians without Christ… I would like to see that group, a bunch of Xtians who realize that Jebus is not the Moshiach… They start a minyan called “Christians without Christ” and learn about the ways of Hashem… Maybe they start to perform mitzvahs!?! Could that happen?

  5. @Michael U
    Christians without Christ? I don’t think it could happen. Without a big christian organization this type of belief do not have any chance. In germany (my country) there a quite a lot of people who warmly believe in god and do not believe that jesus is god (or a Moshiach or still alive and so on). Lets name them “pragmatic god believers”. But these people would never start to perform mitzvahs. They are usually not interested in any institutional religion.
    What about J4J? I don’t see any big danger in them – just because they are ridiculous. It’s easy to identify J4J groups – and they are not very attractive because of their idiological views they try to promote.
    Here in germany i only see one real danger: Some of the J4J people try to act as strong zionists. They try to promote hate against muslims and they usually have an extremistic agenda, e.g. people like “honestly concerned germany”. The activity of these J4J activists is having a bad polarization effekt in political diskussions. But there is no real danger that they successful catch jews for their religious purposes.
    As far as i know.

  6. I am the owner of the blog over which the lawsuit was filed. At this time I need to do my best to remain anonymous. JfJ can be attack dogs, and I’d rather not let them get my scent.
    The issues you raise in your comments are near and dear to my experiences and desires. I am doing my best to walk a fine line, and don’t have any accountabiltiy over what I’m doing now. I’m being very careful to stick to the facts, but Jewish ethics go beyond fact telling. I would appreciate your comments if I cross the line of lashon harah.
    I don’t mean to intrude, and I apologize if I have offended your good graces. I hope to earn your trust during future posts to my blog.

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