10 thoughts on “Britney Gets Frummer

  1. Hey. I got three tattoos, and I still celebrate the Sabbath each week, keep a kosher kitchen, and… okay, forget it. One don’t cancel out the other.
    And for the love of cross-eyed Jeebus – when will somebody smack that daffy bitch with a bus or something, get her mind right… like we’re some fucking nifty exotic club the goyim get to party with on weekends…

  2. Word, Monk! I can’t believe the insult to Kabbalah from all of these Hollywood nit-wits. They truly have no idea where and what kabbalah is and of those that are qualified to teach and study it. These are the same Hollywood idiots that were glorifying bhuddism ten years ago.

  3. I think people should be more upset with the rabbi who is doing all this then the actors and singers who are trying to bring sprituality into their lives.

  4. Mimi–don’t kid yourself–nobody likes that there “rabbi” but I live in Hollywood and the number of stupid shgatzim walking around with a red-string and a bottle of Kabbalah water is fucking astounding. On top of that–these damn Kabbalah freaks have put out “candles” for sexuality, but hey, at least the proceedes will benefit the Spirituality for Kids Foundation. Does anyone else see any form of a contradiction here? The actors and singers are not bringing spirituality into their lives, they are being foolish. When “Esther” aka Madonna finally converts Orthodox, I’ll start believing. Until then, please people–let’s leave the red-string to those of us who actually give tzedakah at the kotel, eh?

  5. Ha, Ha, I totally understand what your saying. I was just trying to give them the benifit of the doubt. They live in a very strange reality. From what you say I guess it’s becoming a fashion statement for some, and that of course is hard to take. Thanks for the info. Here on the east coast, I don’t see much of that stuff.

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