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Britney's New "Jew" Look

Being a Jew’s all the rage, eh?

Via Celebrity Warship:

Britney Spears debuted a new darker, nappier haircolor on Monday night as she and boyfriend Isaac Cohen left the Chateau Marmont. Homegirl was also rocking a gigantic Star of David necklace, I’m guessing as an homage to her boy’s heritage.

25 thoughts on “Britney's New "Jew" Look

  1. Damm, damm. I’ve always like Brunettes more.
    Now if David Lynch would just do a Jewish-themed movie and Britney would tell her fans to actually hit puberty before acting all slutty, this could be something.

  2. First come love, second comes Kabbalah, third comes Britney in another marriage….and more white-trash-Southern-meet-UpperWestSide-Jewboy babie, urrrrgggggg, America!!!!

  3. I take offense with the use of the word “nappier” to describe her hair. Are you kidding me? I have nappy hair not this appropriating, dirtbag of a celebrity.

  4. I would not say her hair is nappy? Especially if it is because of the color. Her hair is no way nappy in the true sense of the word. In some ways she just seems lost overall.

  5. Her boyfriend probably bought the star for her, consider the fact that it’s not diamond incrusted or sparkling like a town hall on July 4th.

  6. come on, people.
    the fact that britney spears is dating a guy named isaac cohen is just hilarious to begin with. embrace it, love it. first christina married jordan bratman, britney’s next up. we’re assimilating teen pop stars!

  7. not only teen-pop stars and their mothers, urr, forerunner (Demi and Mad better step it up the Kabbalah).
    OK, so we’re taking over pop-culture, now hip-hop….
    I’m waiting for some hot ladies to start dating, let’s see, JayZ, maybe Nas, is Bar Refaeli single yet?

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