5 thoughts on “NYTimes, TPMCafe Chime in on AJCommittee's "Progressive Jews" Paper

  1. Thanks for posting the MJ Rosenberg piece, Dan. His analysis of why the US Jewish right is taking such over the top initiatives at this point in time is absolutely correct.

  2. Hey, Dan-o:
    Added M.J.’s item to our weblog, and, as you’ll notice, brought to our readers’ attention your earlier thoughts on the AJC paper.
    >> Arieh Lebowitz, [recently elected] Secretary, Meretz USA

  3. The last time this topic came around, Mobius’s critique of the AJC report led me to write the following:

    Progressive Jewish support and even tolerance of anti-Zionism is a disaster for Progressive Zionism. It blurs the line between criticism of Israeli policies and Israel itself.
    It plays right into right-wing Zionists who dismiss all criticism of Israel as masking an agenda to destroy Israel. It saps energy away from those Diaspora Jews such as the New Israel Fund whose vision of Israel as a “light unto nations” runs counter to the American Jews who support the competing visions of the settlers and the haredim.

    . (Full version can be found here.)
    I truly don’t understand why progressive Zionists are so blase about the increasing mainstreaming of anti-Zionism. I’d be interestd in what Mobius or any Meretznikim on this site has to say on this point.

  4. um, maybe because “progressive zionism” suffers from deep contradictions that can only be resolved at a really, really high level of theoretical sophistication that is usually not mustered?

  5. If you check the TPM Cafe post (Feb 2), you find a long comment thread which starts out with nonspecific grumbling about the article, moves to denouncing the “atrocities” and “crimes” of Israel, and quickly devolves into 9-11 conspiracy theories involving the Mossad.
    Thus ironically illustrating the point of the article.

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