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  1. Not only have we been duped about what’s going on in the territories, but we haven’t been told about the extra two days (sometimes one) in February! I feel so ashamed to be a Jew.

  2. syag lachachma shtika
    I am looking for a Palestinian (of any affiliation – Hamas, Fatah etc) to take me on a tour of Sderot, and the daily barrages of rockets, maybe they can actually show us how they are made! Then a demonstration of their advanced tunnel digging abduction methods would be enlightening. Next we can tour Eilat, Jerusalem, Haifa, hell – any Israeli city and learn first hand how a suicide bomber determines the prime location to acsend to Allah. This part of the tour is is gonna be a favorite among realtors!

  3. Hey, great point!!! Really exposes the hyposrisy of the Left!!! Cause the actions of terrorists and murderers is precisely the standard against which the actions of the State of Israel should be measured!!! And beside being justified in its own right, it’s clear that brutalizing the civilian population of the West Bank does so much to put and end to terrorism, and to enhance the security of Israel!!! And of course, if every Palestinian were to become the reincarnation of Ghandi tomorrow, surely the setllers would clear out of the West Bank the next day!!! Because “secuirty” isn’t just a convenient excuse, it’s their only real motivation!!! After all, it’s not as though they’re a group of rightwing religious fanatics that wants to establish a biblical empire in the West Bank, based on the compelling twin claims that “God gave it to us,” and “We won it fair and square”!!!

  4. Dude,
    Why the hell are we in Israel? Is it merely a UN creation ment to quell the international guilt of letting the Holocaust happen?
    Are you aware of the Jewish presence in Hebron dating back centuries, (ommiting, of course, the resting place of the Patriarchs – considering your statements that obviously wouldn’t interest you)
    Or the murderous rampage our peace loving cousins went on in the twenties, hoping for a day when people like you would deny the Jew any right to it.
    I don’t condone maltreatment of anyone. What is scary about this Shtika crap is that Arab media can use this stuff as fodder – verifying their incessant claims that we are systematically killing Palestinians.

  5. Now I no longer have to be tempted by the posters advertising Hebron tours I’ve seen up in Mea Shearim.
    Merliner. please. There’s nothing flagrant in the ad. Have you spent time in Hebron? Do you “really know what is happening” there? Apparently you suspect it to be bad enough that merely asking the question “How many of us really know what’s happening in the Occupied Territories?” is fodder for claims of horros.
    It’s educational. Even if it’s biased it’s informative. I’m tired of the only Hebron tour option being marketed to the Arutz Sheva crowd.

  6. If sderot looked anything like Hebron, then it would deserve a tour, too. How about we treat asymmetrical warfare like it is – asymmetrical.

  7. “The tour includes a study of the history of Hevron, a guided walking tour of the Israel-controlled part of Hebron and a meeting with Palestinians living in the area.”
    A tour I would respect that maybe I would learn from would say:
    “The tour includes a study of the history of Hevron*, a guided walking tour of both the Jewish and Palestinain neighborhoods in Hebron, and meetings with Palestinians and Jews living in the area.”
    * including the fact that it was continuously inhabited by Jews from Biblical times to 1929, when they were driven out by an Arab massacre which the British stood by and did not prevent. As well as whatever other history they want to present.

  8. Yehudit
    How do you know the don’t talk about 1929, were you on their tours? (Also, do you know who controlled Haifa in 1929? And does the fact that Jews were killed in Poland mean they have a right to occupy Poland?)

  9. Yehudit.
    How do you know what they say on their tours? were you ever on one? And do you know who lived in Haifa in 1929 and was driven out in 1948, I guess that means you are for Palestinian right of return… And does the fact that Jews were killed in Poland mean we have a right to occupy Poland?

  10. I’ve been to Hebron, and met settlers there. I would condone the immediate expulsion of every last one of those settlers back to fucking Brooklyn and France. They are beasts – cursing, kicking, punching, spitting beasts.
    They are violent, hateful, arrogant and shameless. If there were ever a group I’d love to see put on one way buses, man, this is it.

  11. I find it hard to believe they would omit the 1929 massacre from the historical information on this tour. They may not emphasize it as much as other tours do, but I can’t imagine they’d leave it out.
    If you want the massacre emphasized, however, why not go on both this tour and the “Ha-am im Hevron” or whatever pro-settler tour you want to choose? Then you can get a good dose of each side’s propaganda and try to sort out the “truth” of the situation yourself.
    My understanding of the situation is that Jews have every right to be there, but so do the Palestinians, and the current arrangements do much more to ruin the lives of Palestinians who have also lived there for centuries than they do to protect the Jews who choose to live there (some of whom I understand aren’t so keen on protection anyway, since they have a bit of a martyrdom complex of their own).
    But I have no first-hand knowledge of either perspective. Wish I could take both tours.

  12. IDF vets speak out against “Breaking the Silence.”
    “. . . You say there is need for new self-critical dialogue, but in Israel all voices, including yours, are heard. Yet you deceive foreign audiences by telling them otherwise. You give alleged examples of terrible IDF abuses, but your goal is not to uphold the IDF’s ethic of “purity of arms.” You are aware that there is a chain of command for reporting abuses, and when proven, they are severely punished. Once again you deceive foreign audiences by telling them otherwise.
    Your goal apparently is to introduce a debate about Israel’s policy in the Territories. That is a legitimate topic for discussion. But instead of debating the issues, you have chosen to defame the IDF and misrepresent Israel to foreign audiences hoping that you will win support for your political agenda. This is dishonest, sensationalist manipulation. You are simply exploiting foreigners’ ignorance about us and spreading misinformation and hate.
    We, the soldiers who served at border patrols, in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza raise our voices in protest. You dishonor yourselves and us, and you demean our sacrifices. We have done everything in our power to uphold the purity of arms and to be true to Jewish ethics during even the most difficult times. We raise our voices to remind you of the tens of thousands of us who have endured physical pain, faced death, been taken hostage and been severely wounded just because we upheld our principles and our core value that all human life is precious. We remind you of the difficult moral dilemmas we face daily because terrorists embed themselves among Palestinian civilians and use them as human shields since terrorists do not abide by the Geneva Convention. . . . . ”
    There’s lots more.

  13. I am not putting a halo on the Jews of Hebron. Any case of assault or theft should be prosecuted.
    I mke the assumptions I do because I have seen BtS people speak, and other groups with similar agendas, and I see them twist the truth a lot. I see them ignore legitimate security concerns about terrorists and paint Israeli policy as being gratuitously cruel. If they acknowledged the reality of terrorism and still critique the measures Israel takes, then they are being honest, although mostly wrong, in my view. People who do that have credibility with me, I listen to them.
    But these groups distort the reality. For ex: talking about the inconvenience of the fence and the awfulness of waiting at checkpoints and the ambulances that can’t get through, without acknowledging that the fence stops 90% of all attacks, that weapons have been smuggled in ambulances, and that people have been blown up at checkpoints. Or decrying Israel “locking down” the supposedly independent Gaza without acknowledging the rockets, the infiltration by Hezbollah, the Karine-A.
    So maybe this tour is not biased, but I doubt it. BtS and other groups have a responsibility to present themselves as credible. Life is too short to check out everything first hand. I evaluate them based on what I have seen, and I decide not to spend my time on their tour.

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