Card sharks

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency ran a story about rabbi trading cards, the Jewish equivalent of baseball cards. The money quote? “This isn’t Hollywood; we’re not dealing with models,” says photographer Ed Bernstein. “It’s very atypical for a rosh yeshiva to stop what he’s doing and pose for a photo.” One rabbi made Bernstein promise to take a widow from his congregation out on a date before he agreed to pose.

4 thoughts on “Card sharks

  1. Holy, um, red heifer–Archie McPhee carries ’em. Thanks for the info, Michelle! Sure beats collecting NFL beefcake cards.

  2. In high school, I distinctly remember being aware that someone had “rebbe” trading cards–I think both older rabbis (Rashi, Rambam, Ibn Ezra) and more current leaders (Feinstein, Schneerson, etc) were represented.

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