Jehovah Hu Akbar

“Abrahamic Apparel is intended to provide some chizuk, support for those students and other Jews and supporters of Israel and allow them to show their Jewish pride and support for Israel in a language that literally the mutterers will understand.”

The new line of embroidered hats and t-shirts bear incendiary Arabic phrases such as “Am Yisrael Chai” (which is Hebrew for “The Jewish People Live”), “Dhimmi? Not Any More!” and “There Is No God But YHVH and Moses Is His Messenger.” Though most of the shirts are humorous, one is exceptionally offputting. It reads simply, “There Is No Palestine.”

8 thoughts on “Jehovah Hu Akbar

  1. The “YHWH Akbar” and “There is no God but YHWH and Moses is his Messenger” ones are also stupid. First, it implies that God is different for different people. Second, Muslims wouldn’t DISAGREE with those statements. Frankly I think this stuff borders on racist responses to racism.

  2. I liked the designs. I don’t see them as racist, but self-assertion. I am TIRED of seeing photos of Arabs burning Israeli flags and miniature IDF tanks and bombing models of the Beis Ha-Mikdash. I am NAUSEATED at seeing photos of “Palestinian artwork” and photo-montages celebrating terrorism against Jews. I am DAMN FED UP with seeing graphic depictions of “Palestine”–the entire state of Israel–as though it’s Arab territory. If they can flaunt their green headbands and PLO flags and and political sentiments in public, I think we should be allowed freedom to do the same.
    I have my doubts that Ha-Shem (the Jewish God) and Allah are the the same. Is the Allah worshipped by al-Qaeda and Hamas and Islamic Jihad (et al.) the same as our God? Yipes!

  3. uh, i’d contend, parpar, that all depends on whether or not you believe in a mythical, supersitious, idolatrous lord jehovah who reigns over us with fire and brimstone, or an intangible, infinite, pantheistic god that composes all being.

  4. Assuredly, Mo, I don’t believe in a patriarchal, brimstone-and-fire deity. My view of God (which is still under construction, like an unfinished tapestry) is closer to the “intangible, infinite, pantheistic.” God also encompasses compassion and justice. Do you know the midrash about Avraham and the fire-worshipper whom he invited to his tent as his guest, only to lose his temper and throw the man out? God reproved him and told him to go after the old idolatrous fool, apologize, and bring him back.
    The God of the Torah loves agnostics and atheists, too.
    This is somewhat a futile topic to get embroiled in discussing, though…ten Jews, eleven opinions.
    I like the “Abrahamic Apparel” site because it encourages Jews being harassed by Islamists to stand up for themselves…without having to wave flags or shout slogans (or swap slurs). In It makes an unambiguous point–in THEIR language, too. Hot stuff.

  5. They left off Allah-hu sn-ackbar. My personal fave. Is it racist? Maybe. Insensitive? Yes. Uhm, to us maybe, to them, just another reason for jihad baby.

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