Carolina Jews for Justice

Carolina Jews for Justice denounces acts of North Carolina legislature

This just in from Bend the Arc’s affiliate Carolina Jews for Justice:

“Carolina Jews for Justice calls out in opposition to the coup-like attempts to change North Carolina’s political makeup during this week’s special session. As their party loses control of the governor’s seat and the state Supreme Court, the legislature’s moves to limit the power of Governor-elect Roy Cooper’s office defy the will and votes of the people, and threaten to destroy the integrity of our democratic elections.
“As Jewish North Carolinians, we stand rooted in our tradition’s firm belief that leaders should be chosen by the people. The Talmudic era Rabbi Yitzhak taught that even God refrained from appointing a new leader without consulting the Israelites. After God nominated Bezalel, “Moses said: Sovereign of the Universe, if he is suitable in Your eyes, then all the more so in my eyes. And God said: nevertheless, go and tell the People of Israel and ask their opinion” (Talmud Berachot 55a).
“We will not stand idly by while the votes of any North Carolinians are invalidated. We will make extra efforts to defend the votes from our fellow citizens who have been historically disenfranchised, particularly the votes cast by North Carolinians of color. Governor McCrory, Senate Pro Tempore Berger, Speaker Moore, and other legislators: please immediately end this blatant violation of NC democracy, accept the results of the election, and work with your fellow leaders to make North Carolina the best state it can be for all of its citizens. We are watching.”

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