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I’m starting to feel more and more sorry for the Iranian public.
With a population where most of its citizens are under age 30, Iran has the potential to be a dynamic, vibrant force in the Islamic world.
In July I wrote a story about a Washington Times article entitled “Young Iranians Find Outlet in Internet”. It spoke of the approximately 35,000 Farsi-language blogs originating in Iran, providing soapboxes for everything from unemployment to municipal services for thousands of young Iranians.
Apparently, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad was having none of this.

Iranian authorities are stepping up arrests and pressure on popular bloggers as part of a wider Internet clampdown launched after hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became president last year, ending years of freewheeling Web access that once made Iran among the most vibrant online locales in the Middle East.
The Internet censors are busy. Their targets include sexual content, international politics, local grumbling, chat rooms and anything else that makes the Islamic leadership uneasy. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, a prominent human rights lawyer, estimates at least 50 bloggers have been detained since last year.

Bloggers whose blogs are deemed to have subversive material face five-year prison sentences. All convictions of bloggers so far have resulted in suspended sentences.

7 thoughts on “[censored]

  1. When will westerners realize that these oppresive backward extremist regimes are a blessing in disguise for the civilized world and especially for Israel. These idiots virtually guarantee that islamic “civilization” will remain bacwards and weak compared to the west and israel. And as long as we close our borders to them and prevent them from aquiring nuclear weapons (or deter them once they have it) the damage will be confined to their own countries.
    The islamic revolution in Iran is the best thing that happened for Israel. It made Iran weaker, and since Iran would have turned against Israel sooner or later, that’s a good thing.
    Support the Iranian regime. Not the students opposing them. They are not and will never be your friends.

  2. FM, are you really such a cynic, or would you have supported Hitler, had Jews been allowed into the Nazi party? Does your constant hate-mongering give you headaches?

  3. As much as I loathe the Iranian republic, formermuslim should know that as matter of principal I and many others support all people everywhere in their quest for freedom of speech and political expression. I even support the Palestinians in their choice of Hamas to lead them-BECAUSE the consquences of that decision will eventually cause the Palestinians to realize that really bad things will happen to people who make repulsive political decisions. Its about time that Iran and the PA grow up and quit living in their dream world- only by allowing its population to speak freely can a society mature.

  4. To amishav: You will never have peace unless you throw the arabs out of Israel. Pals and the so called Israeli arabs. For the reason you don’t even have to read up on deuteronomy, altough it would help.
    Simple common sense also helps: The arabs believe it is THEIR land. And if the jews managed to cling to the belief that it is theirs for 2000 years, wouldn’t the arabs manage the same for another 2000? Why underestimate them?
    In the meantime, if they are going to be my enemy at least let them be weak.

  5. Wow formermuslim, your hateful rants sound so familiar. All you need to do is substitute Jews for Arabs/Pals and Germany for Israel.

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