Clarification of Diebold Post

So, okay…my previous post was not actually meant to seriously suggest collusion by cunning, conscious machines, but was meant to be a spoof of the “flipping” issue, hence the “humor” tag.  I do not actually believe robots or machines have a will of their own or group solidarity.  I am shocked this post was taken as serious by many, some who commented on the post itself, and even by others rather bitterly on other posts, as I only meant to offer a different take on the defeat of a very controversial congresswoman. 
To be clear, I am relieved Congresswoman McKinney lost the primary, and trust that this occurred because of her own inappropriate and irresponsible behavior as a public servant, not because of the machinations of others, either machine, human, or Neocon (kidding!). But the fact that so many were confused does, as Cole noted, suggest a flaw in my writing (I guess) of that post.  
But at least “J” liked it.

4 thoughts on “Clarification of Diebold Post

  1. I wasn’t online much this weekend and didn’t read the ofriginal post, but I love seeing the sentence, “I do not actually believe robots or machines have a will of their own or group solidarity.” I think that everyone shouold be required to bein all comments with that as a loyalty oath to humanity.

  2. Not so fast, Kelsey! I liked it because I thought us neo-cons had gained powerful new artificial allies in our quest to -bwa-ha-ha- take over the world and annoy the Leftists (not listed in order of importance). Now I’m just disappointed. 🙂
    (Yes, I do think it’s necessary to attach the 🙂 ).

  3. David, I enjoy yur posts. You have a great sense of irony, something all ideologues– whether on the far left or right–lack.

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