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CFS for Artists to Contribute to Women's Torah Project

Just passing along the info, y’all. I don’t know any more than what’s below.
“Women of the Book: Jewish Women Recording, Reflecting, Revisioning”
Community artist and Torah scribe, Shoshana Gugenheim, in partnership with the Women’s Torah Project of Kadima Reconstructionist Congregation in Seattle, WA, is seeking Jewish women artists to contribute to the creation of “Women of the Book,” a midrashic (interpretive) scroll based on the form and content of a traditional sefer Torah (Torah scroll). In the spirit of the Jewish scribal tradition, this scroll will be created on 62 sheets of parchment created by 62 artists from around the world and sewn together as is a traditional sefer Torah.
This is an international, collaborative art installation inspired by, and in conjunction with, the historic scribing of the first sefer Torah by women. The midrashic Torah is each artist’s personal interpretation, in visual imagery, of the text of the first Five Books of Moses.
Women of all denominations, secular and religious, are invited to join. Chosen artists will select one of 62 passages in the Torah to use as a basis for their creative interpretation. They will be provided a standard-sized piece of claf (parchment) upon which to work. The 62 completed parchment panels will be bound together into one scroll, which will be exhibited in galleries, museums, synagogues and other institutions worldwide.
To learn more about Kadima and The Women’s Torah Project please visit:
1) 3-5 images of recent work, preferably on CD ROM or slides
2) a personal resume
3) a sketch of your idea (all work must be 2 dimensional so as to be rolled into a scroll)
4) In one page (or more), reflect on being a Jewish woman and artist. Describe the role that Torah/Bible, historically and/or spiritually, plays in your art. (Please note: We also welcome submissions from women for whom Torah/Bible has not played a significant role in your development as artists.)
5) $36 processing fee
6) SASE if you would like your slides or CD returned
PLEASE NOTE: A traditional sefer Torah has a cover, a yad (pointer), a hagurah (belt) that holds it together, rimonim (crowns), etc. If you are interested in proposing to create one of these elements for “The Women of the Book” please indicate that in your submission.
September 22nd, 2006
Erev Rosh HaShana, 5767
Shoshana Gugenheim
(Women of the Book)
Moshav Aviezer #7
D.N. HaElah
99860 ISRAEL
[email protected]
* Kadima is seeking other women to join the writing of the sefer Torah. Please contact the office if you are already a trained scribe or would like to become one: [email protected]

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