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Divided and Conquered

Unlike New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, Jewish youth in Paris, often born to parents from former French colonies, have begun to carve their stake in the street violence and turf wars that characterize life on the fringes of The Republic. Betar and the Jewish Defense League have captured the anger and frustration of Jewish youth caught in the malaise: this time with black African street gangs who themselves espouse xenophobia and hatred.
The European Jewish Press reports:

French police opened an investigation Monday after suspected members of a black extremist group marched through a Jewish quarter in central Paris shouting anti-Semitic slogans at the weekend.
Shoppers in the historic Marais neighbourhood, one of the busiest districts in the Jewish area of Paris, were left in shock early Sunday evening after a group of black extremists terrorised community members with anti-Semitic verbal abuse.
More than 20 men claiming to be members of the Tribu-Ka anti-white group walked up and down the crowded Rue des Rosiers shouting at the families and youths in the area. Jewish groups want the extremist group to be banned.
The French Office of Vigilance against anti-Semitism (BNCVA) said in a statement the gang was “performing Nazi salutes, looking for a fight with the neighbourhood’s Jews, threatening and intimidating them”.
BNCVA said the gang members were “performing Nazi salutes, looking for a fight with the neighbourhood’s Jews, threatening and intimidating them”.
“We are in contact with the interior ministry and the police department on the question,” the head of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF), Roger Cukierman, told AFP.
“They screamed out ‘Death to Jews!’” one witness, who would only give his name as Julien, told EJP.
“They told us they weren’t Arabs and that they would kasherise us,” said a second witness, Stephan, a fifty-year-old butcher from the Panzer delicatessen.

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5 thoughts on “Divided and Conquered

  1. I’ve read the article, it says nothing about Jewish youth “staking out a turf” in the ethnic criminal scene – in fact the article has a scary report of intimidation and threats to Jews in the Morais by crazed black (Muslim?) gangs. As the full article asks, is it all over for the Jews of France?

  2. Sounds like turf wars, whether physical or not, as well as ethnic rivalry, no?
    “There has been growing tension between the Jewish community and an extremist fringe of black youth as a result of what many consider to be the provocative attitude of young Jewish members of the right wing Betar and Jewish Defence League groups who try to physically confront anti-Semitism.
    Tribu-Ka claims that young Jews attacked a black man during the February demonstration in memory of Ilan Halimi, the young French Jew who was kidnapped and killed by the Barbarians’ gang, whose leader and several members were black.
    However witnesses and dozens of black people who participated in the demonstration along with the Jewish community have denied this.”

  3. Oh ok. I was worried that the Jews actually had a right to be concerned and were not provoking disgusting anti-Semitic behavior. You sure cleared things up! Glad to know that we only get what we ask for.

  4. Matt,
    Where in my post (including in the article) did I backhand Jews or chastise Parisian Jewish youth for espousing a hostile attitude toward black Parisians? Did I criticize black Parisians for espousing antisemitism? Where did I remark that Jews had no right to be concerned about antisemitism?
    I stated the facts. Many Jewish youth in Paris are being radicalized by a climate of antisemitism and ethnic rivalry. This particular instance spotlighted the clashing of two right-wing groups – Betar/JDL and Tribu-ka. Those who participate in both these groups have complex reasons for doing so. Nowhere did I argue otherwise.
    My post was meant to inspire the exact opposite of what you claim- I wish you’re response would have voiced concerns, critiques and discussion regarding the article at hand. Apparently, you’re not interested in that.

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