Chabad Evacuee Assistance

Woot. Chabad of New Orleans has posted some hurricane relief information, including a network of centers assisting in housing for refugees. This should be useful for those of you in Texas and the other Gulf areas who are wondering how to reach a Jewish family in need (or any family for that matter) directly. (Now that my folks are de-homed, if any of you can score me high holiday tickets in California you let me know, lol.)
From Chabad’s website:

At present, nearly all of New Orleans’s residents, including 12,000 Jews, have evacuated the city. Evacuees may be without permanent homes for a month or more. Chabad is working with its network of centers in the areas to which the people evacuated to provide food shelter, and emotional and spiritual comfort to these thousands of people. Evacuees to Houston, Austin, Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Tallahasee, and the rest of Florida can contact the local Chabad representative for assistance.

Evacuee Assistance Contacts
Hurricane Relief Fund

6 thoughts on “Chabad Evacuee Assistance

  1. Chabad is officially superior to the United States Government in dealing with disasters! But — can Chabad pretend to polay an acoustic guitar with their stylized two rabbi logo on it? Can they go on vacation for two months? We think not. Oh, Chabad, when will you learn there is more to life than helping your fellow man?
    Besides, Presidentin is hard work.

  2. Tonight at Beth Yeshurun, Conservative shul, there will be a dinner after services for refugees or what ever we are calling our temp. visitors…how about friends from LA.
    http://www.bethyeshurun.org for their address
    I am driving 40 miles to go there tonight for an uplifting service I am sure. Even though Mardi Gras is not Jewish, wear your Mardi Gras beads if you have them!
    Shabbat Shalom to all

  3. I hope ALL shuls will offer free entrance to ANYONE with LA. MS. or AL. license.
    It should be free to pray anyway ( but that is another rant…), but at least help our fellow displaced Jews.
    Email your shul, I just did.

  4. rabbi rivkin is my first cousin,.. spoke to him and he was telling me of over 30 offers from other chabad centers around the US for all expenses paid indefinite leghnth housing food shelter and airplane tickets… pretty amazing

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