Jewicidal Tendencies

YNet reports,

Jewish terror suspect Eliran Golan, charged with planning to murder Arab civilians, including Knesset Member Issam Makhoul, attempted to commit suicide early Thursday in the Kishon detention center.
Guards noticed Golan, who hung himself, and called in a doctor. He was later taken to Haifa’s Rambam hospital and is currently in very serious condition.

And in related news,

An Israeli citizen set himself on fire Wednesday, allegedly in protest of the government’s pullout of occupied territory.
[…] The Jerusalem Post reports 32-year-old Baruch Ben-Menachem poured gasoline on himself in the courtyard of a school he was attending in Jerusalem and set himself on fire.
Paramedics said he whispered he lit himself ablaze in support of the settlers before he slipped out of consciousness.

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4 thoughts on “Jewicidal Tendencies

  1. Just want to clarify as someone who was at ulpan with him, it is not so clear that he did this in protest to the disengagement and this could be a case of the media twisting things just a little….Lets use our brains here, anyone who sets themselves on fire, has to have a few other problems besides the disengagement don’t you think?

  2. Sometimes people are very depressed to the point of suicide and begin to play with the idea of suicide as a sacrifice for a noble cause.
    Without meaning to sound as though I’m advocating ANY such behaviour, I believe that in some cases, such as Vietnamese monks who burnt themselves to death in protest against the war in Vietnam, the motivation is quite clear and indeed noble. ie they weren’t depressed, but were genuinly motivated by selfless ideals.

  3. a friend of his tells me it doesn’t look like he’ll make it. So, daven for him, for the people who care about him, and maybe while youre at it, a general tfila for all people with problems like that to get help before they hurt themselves. since he did it after the hitnatkut was over, I think Ezra is right on target.

  4. i just hope that the disengagement was nothing more than a trigger for these kinds of behaviours which are waiting to happen. if it will affect the current generation of settlers and their kids so that they have these self destructive behaviours imbedded in them, G-d help us.

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