Chabad vs. Hollywood

Malibu Chicken must go: Sean Caples, owner of Malibu Chicken, said the landlord of the property, Chabad of Malibu, acted unfairly when it told him he must leave by May 15. A new kosher meat restaurant will move into the building on Pacific Coast Highway near the Malibu Pier the next day. Caples said Chabad had been trying to kick him out of the property for the past two years, and had been uncooperative in attempts to negotiate.

Stars Flock To Save Local Chicken Shack: this is hardly some swanky, stuffy, overpriced restaurant. The little surf restaurant has cheap prices, friendly service and, if traffic patterns are just right, a view of the ocean across the street.
[…] A petition drive has been started to save Malibu Chicken, and nearly 2,000 people, including Adam Sandler, have signed it.

Didn’t Adam Sandler endorse Chabad at their TV fundraiser back when?

4 thoughts on “Chabad vs. Hollywood

  1. Didn’t Cunin (the Chabad-Mafia boss of CA) recently force one of his capos out of business and out of his building? I can’t recall the rabbi’s name, but this was “big” news in Lubavitch circles

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