ChabadCon 5768

San Francisco’s Rabbi Gedalia Potash, our own Matthue Roth and his amazing wife Itta gave me and Bill a fascinating tour of Crown Heights yesterday on my unannouced one day drive-by of Brooklyn.

Luckily for me, ChabadCon (aka the shluchim weekend) was going on and there was lots of action in the streets, chaos in the shul and plenty of deals to be had on Judaica. I got a tour of 770, met shlichim from Sao Paolo and Chicago, and tried out the new and holy local juice bar on Kingston. (Very, very shuk.) Thanks, Bill for some awesome shots (headed to my Flickr space) as well as this one, of a chartered bus taking Chabad youth on a tour of the city.

10 thoughts on “ChabadCon 5768

  1. where should I pick up a discount tfillin? Oh never mind, the chabad have a different version, no?

  2. the bus, if you’ll notice was totally tznius — it was *outside* the outside that wasn’t!
    and chabad tefilin are the same as others — you just have to tie them a different way. which i, an untrained non-expert, succeeded in doing….and if you’re around nyc, bring ’em by. we can talk.
    sarah & bill, you rock!! thanks for the memories…

  3. david. dude. SO NOT FUNNY.
    replace “chabad tefilin” with “mazto” and “jesus” with “christian children,” and you’ve got yourself a bona fide racist statement.
    i’m exaggerating, sure. and i know there are people who say crazy things in the name of the lubavitcher rebbe. but propagating this attitude is not going to help either side — or the rest of the world — at all.
    on behalf of christians, chabadniks, and the rest of us on the planet who don’t appreciate using other people’s beliefs as a punching bag: please, please, keep your hateful rhetoric to yourself.

  4. it might have been funny — i mean, i’m the first to admit humor’s a matter of taste (i saw a guy laughing at a picture of dead babies today, but hey, i live in NYC) — but it’s also lashon hara.

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