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Give Good, Green Gelt

It’s time to start thinking about what to give for the holidays. While most folks I’m sure aren’t aching for the full volume collection of Milgrom’s Leviticus (hint, hint), there’s an avalanche of cool things to get for folks which say, “I appreciate you, and I appreciate not scorching our earth too.” Leah Koenig has put together a Sustainable Hanukah Gift Guide with neat suggestions for Mom, Dad, sis and bro, grandparents, parters, and even your yoga (or kung fu??) instructor.
The coolest suggestions include a recycled floppy disk address book, The Flexitarian Cookbook for those of us who eat somewhere between a pork roast and a vegan latke but cook Shabbat dinner for friends on both sides, the amazing love story by a Jewish couple seeking the perfect goat cheese The Year of the Goat, and cool kosher-fair trade Kumi’s organic teas, Equal Exchange coffees and Dagobah chocolates. Click here for the full list.
But in all practicality, I suggest the Seventh Generation gift bag of earth-friendly cleaning detergents and dish soaps. After all, it’s something folks do need and will use. And maybe, just maybe it’ll make cleaning the apartment feel like a mitzvah in itself. Then again, there’s always the fair trade rolling pin. Also doubles as Shabs dinner enthusiasm-enforcing cudgel.

One thought on “Give Good, Green Gelt

  1. Perhaps it’s worth asking why we would celebrate a minor holiday by purchasing a whole bunch of stuff? If you’re going to buy things–absolutely, support companies that are doing good work in the world. But why is supporting the consumer economy a default assumtion about how we mark Hanukah?
    For those of you who want to include gift-giving as part of their Hanukah celebrations, perhaps consider regifting some object you’ve already been given and don’t really want in a Yankee Gift Swap? At least then you’ll keep your receipt (and giving) of objects you don’t really need at equilibrium.

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