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  1. So a menorah has been lit there AND Israel Jews set up a left-wing outpost near the village. Rock on leftist mitnachalim!! Yamin U’Smol Tifrotzi…

  2. Could someone please point me to a map detailing ‘Palestine’? I’ve also heard this reference in the media here in Europe, but to the best of my knowledge, a Palestinian state hasn’t been declared.

  3. one refers to the occupied territories as “palestine” if one wishes to: a) denote one’s desire that those territories should soon gain sovereignty as a state called palestine; b) recognize and support the fact that the palestinians themselves refer to the place in which they live as “palestine” and have never had occasion to call it anything else. this does not mean referring to locations currently in israel proper as palestine if one does not wish to turn back the clock that far. similarly, one could refer to the east bank of the jordan as being in “eretz yisrael” if one really wanted to, but it doesn’t serve too many people’s political purposes at this point.

  4. How about the newspaper that preceded the Jpost? http://info.jpost.com/1998/Sup
    On Ben Yehuda street this summer I saw a poster for sale in the window of some little shop. It was a reprint of an old advertisement enticing Jews to come to Israel for their vacations. What was at the top of the poster? “VISIT PALESTINE!”

  5. Sorry, there is no province or state called Palestine.
    If the Palestinians want to have such a state, they can negotiate in good faith and come to a final agreement with Israel that ensures they will end their design to destroy the Jewish state.
    In the meantime, it’s “Bi’ilin, territory of Samaria” or “Bi’ilin, West Bank” or “Bi’ilin, undetermined territory East of Israel and West of Jordan.”

  6. W. made the hard decisions that liberated tens of millions, and may yet liberate tens of millions more, in the face of all kinds of adversity. Let him light the candles, and find the strength to continue to do the right thing even when it’s unpopular.

  7. If it said, “Bi’in, the Levant,” would anyone complain there is no state or province called the Levant?

    A group of 22 Israeli and Palestinian demonstrators lit Hannuka candles Sunday night at an illegal caravan erected for a second time near the West Bank settlement of Modi’in Elite.
    The lighting of the first candle at this spot, said Yossi Bartal, an activist from Anarchists against the Wall, represented “the fight for freedom from occupation.”
    The group’s choice in symbols was a provocative one given that the Maccabean revolt that Hannukah commemorates broke out in ancient Judean town of Modi’in.
    Likewise, the caravan was located adjacent to the new neighborhood of East Mattityahu, named after the rebellion’s famed patriarch priest.
    But protesters contended that the victims nowadays were the Palestinian residents of the village of Bil’in, a half a kilometer away.
    The route of the security fence blocks villagers from their farm land and protects ever-expanding settlements, they said.
    “The barrier cuts off Bil’in from one-half to two-thirds of its agricultural land and is meant to protect the settlements of Kiryat Sefer and Modi’in Elite,” said Rabbi Arik Ascherman.
    From Gush Shalom:
    Wednesday night [from the diary]: It is more than 12 hours now that the “Bil’in center for joint peace struggle” is on and no one is evacuating it. It is standing on the lands of the village of Bil’in, but those lands that remained on the Israeli side of the fence and now days the settlement Matityahu Mizrach is being built there, although the DCO admits the  construction is not legal. Around the fire you can see some people from  Bil’in and some Israelis. Some of them ultra orthodox from Kiryat Sefer  that decided to help, 2 Israeli activists, and some guy from Ireland who is sleeping. Through the night they talk. About steeling lands, about  the army, about the poverty among the Orthodox, the meaning of the land,  religions. The most basic questions are being asked and answered, with  no fear. [The main fear: of the army – and indeed 24 hours later they came, with all their strength to evacuate the trailer while the illegal settlement was still being built.] (…)

  8. J, if by liberated, you mean liberated their souls from their mortal vessals, then sure. or if you mean millions of barrels of oil, then you’ve got it.
    But Dubya and the Guvahnatoh lighting side by side, oy.
    If we could only use our technology to make our supply of oil last 8 times longer than we burn through it now, hmmm, smells like a poem coming.

  9. Many of those pictures are from chabad chapters. that is not a testament to the diversity of Jewish life abroad, especially noted is Rabbi Teichtal in Berlin. And Birobizhan?, gimme a break. Soviet experiments are more alive in Afula.

  10. Good work, Ruby K. You’ve added the likely future victims of the Taliban and Saddam’s regime (based on past performance) on one side, and the number of Afghans and Iraqis killed in the respective wars on the other, and … you confused the ‘greater’ sign for the ‘less than’ sign, apparently.

  11. Zionista,
    South Central….Russia. Check out old issues of the Yiddish Birobizhaner Zeitung, an interesting newspaper from the days of its growth, and fall. The ideology behind the J.A.R. is fascinating, as is all that territorialist hubbub. Check out Afn Shvel as well, an originally territorialist magazine that still exists today, republished by a nice lady from North Caroline.
    big up.

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