5 thoughts on “Lvov Rising

  1. asaf,
    i want as many qualified people as possible to apply. the yiddish book center needs the most excellent minds in the Jewish studies world. You have a chance, just like everyone else. I sympathize with Jews who don’t have the access that traditionally affiliated Jews have, so I posted it on Jewschool to invite a wide audience to explore the opportunities the center affords. So apply and see if you get it bro.

  2. And your comment is just sad dude. especially for someone who parades around NYU telling the tuition soldiers to refuse their orders. Equal opportunity starts with equal recruiting. bwah.

  3. shoulda made that clearer then, man. your comment echos many of the sentiments expressed throughout the academic world, you know that. people want to find the most unique opportunity and then claim it for themselves like their entitled over others.

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