Chanukah Pr0n

Fleshbot perks up our holiday spirits (n’ our red helmeted Maccabees) with three sextastic links honoring the festival of lights: Mr. Skin’s Hannukah Hotties; screencaps of everyone’s favorite Hebrew U student, Natalie Portman, in her most recent role as an exotic dancer; and Chanukah thongs from our apparently very modest contributor Sarah Lefton of the Jewish Fashion Conspiracy, who was so tasteful in not using Jewschool to promote her own products, we’ve decided to go ahead and do it for her anyway. It should go without saying that the preceeding is NSFF.

3 thoughts on “Chanukah Pr0n

  1. wow, baruch hashem that someone is monitoring fleshbot for me, cause i didn’t even know they’d posted my stuff there! thanks mob!
    shavua tov and happy yom shisha or whatever to all of you…i am off to hawk panties at the fairy butch hanukkah hoe down. yes, you heard that right. i love san francisco.

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