5 thoughts on “What If It's Not Israel They Loathe?

  1. Very interesting. Amir Taheri is arguing that America is not just hated throughout the Arab and ISlamic world becasue it supports Israel, but that Israel is hated because it supports America : ie the hatred of America is primary.
    I think there’s some truth here. But why is America so villified by the Islamic world? Seeing as though those other countries are engaged in ‘crimes’ against Muslims, why has AMerica assumed the position as target #1? (I don’t know…)
    It does sometimes annoy me that Israel licks America’s arse so much. Rav Shach, the Litvak Charedi leader remarked a few years ago that ISrael has gone full circle. Zionism emerged in rebellion against the standard political form of the ghetto andd shtetl – where community leaders would lick the arses of the non-Jewish aristocracy and governors. Zionists wanted Jews to be independant and not rely on anyone elses authority but our own. Yet now, Israel understands that she is a tiny minority in a very hostile sea that relies on the kindness of big friends like the US. We’re back to the ghetto mentality!
    (by the way, the traditional Yiddish term for relying on big friends to guarentee Jewish security is Shtadlin)
    ‘Till the revolution,

  2. Excellent article right on point, The Jews (Isreal) are being used once again as scapegoats once again. Regardless of what we do!!! Wake up and smell the Turkish Coffee, We must take a stand, before we have nothing left to stand on

  3. It’s odd that Amir Taheri doesn’t give a single quote from an Arab Muslim (or any Muslim) supporting his thesis. His argument is purely theoretical. It sounds plausible; it could be true; but he gives only circumstantial evidence. I want to hear someone from a Arab Muslim country say it before I’ll believe it.
    It’s true that, at least in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, the average person on the street doesn’t mention Israel-Palestine as a major concern when shooting the breeze with an American traveler. But I didn’t hear any anti-American statements either (just anti-Bush). And this of course means nothing about their true sentiments; so I don’t buy Taheri’s argument at all.
    Except in one sense. As a friend of mine recently pointed out, most Arab countries at present are like England before the 17th century: when you said “England”, you meant the king, the Chruch, and the nobles. Everyone else did as they were told.

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