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Chanukah really about defeating homosexuality?!

Christian Newswire tells us the real meaning of Chanukah, while quoting a rabbi speaking for the charedi Igud HaRabonim/Rabbinical Alliance of America:

Rabbi Yehuda Levin issued the following statement:
Chanukah is not a winter solstice holiday, nor a present exchanging Kwanza lite. The Macabees revolted against the Syrian-Greeks only when they tried to squelch Jewish rituals dealing with modesty, holiness and the service of G-d. It was when the allies of the Syrian-Greeks, upper class socially liberal Jews, known as Hellenists, embraced the attempted abolition of ritual circumcision, Sabbath, and the Holidays and encouraged young Jews to cavort nude in the gymnasiums they built (Gymnos, the Greek word for nude) that the loyal religious Jews defied their “enlightened”, “progressive”, “socially liberal” (read libertine) reprobate brethren and sacrificed their lives to prevent the “Hell”enization of Jewish Holiness. Anyone who is familiar with ancient Greek culture knows about the centrality of homosexuality in their daily lives. It is obvious that what followed the nudity in the gymnasium and the emphasis on the body, was rampant institutionalized homosexuality, which religious Jews have associated with Amalek’s attack on the ancient Jews during their desert sojourn (as stated in the Torah/Bible).
The faithful Jews, willingly martyred themselves to defeat the debauchery of that time both heterosexual and homosexual. Thus Chanukah represents the first ever defeat of a world power’s homosexual agenda!

The statement concludes with this gem:

In the spirit of Chanukah and the re-dedication of the Holy Temple, we call on Jerusalem Mayor, Lopaliansky, the City Council he controls and the Israeli Knesset: The Holy Land and Holy City have a higher standard than San Francisco. Chanukah would be a great time to clean up the Greater Jerusalem from all immoral excesses, heterosexual or homosexual.
That’s what Chanukah was and is all about. GET TO WORK!

9 thoughts on “Chanukah really about defeating homosexuality?!

  1. Um, wow. There are so many mistakes, so much illogic, I don’t know where to begin!
    I quite enjoy when homophobia permeates thought to such an extent as this. While modern homophobes claim that there is a “choice” in sexuality, and that people can (and should) choose not to be homosexuals, how can they also claim that an entire empire had no choice but to participate in “rampant institutionalized homosexuality”? Hilarious.

  2. It’s not only Haredim who have followed this line of thought. About 15 years ago I heard a prominent Conservative rabbi- oh, let’s say somewhere between Trenton and Baltimore- say more or less the same thing to a HEBREW SCHOOL ASSEMBLY!
    I mean, mamash, he spoke of “unnatural sex” to a bunch of second and third graders who just were not getting what this had to do with latkes and presents. It was sort of hilarious in a sad way.

  3. “how can they also claim that an entire empire had no choice but to participate in “rampant institutionalized homosexuality”?”
    Well, i think they’re talking about institutional abuse memories. It could well be that homophobic laws grew out of a real memory of what was forced on people when they were slaves to abuse masters, and in Rome, as in serf Europe, and in prison, alot of the association with homosexualism that some communities had was someone forcibly fucking you in the ass, or making it very socially and economically useful for you to volunteer your body up. But yeah, as if women were treated better? It was Judith who almost had rape-by-general forced on her, not Judah!

  4. Just want to note this is the same guy who spent a lot of time in Jerusalem this year trying to ban the gay pride parade.

  5. Well, technically speaking– any of us who had the benefit of a liberal arts education– including the “classics” is a Hellenized Jew. Hell, I know Latin and Greek better than I know Hebrew.

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