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Last Lights Chanukah in New York: Don't Pity These Fools

Shotei ha’Nevuah are truly a musical phenomenon. Selected Israel’s “Band of the Year for 2005 (no small feat considering the amount of talent in the Holy Land), Shotei ha’Nevuah (The Fools of Prophecy) is an Israeli supergroup which combines reggae, dub, hip hop and dance spiced with an eastern Mediterranean flavor, singing in Hebrew, Arabic and English. I had the pleasure of playing with Shotei ha’Nevuah in Israel this past year, and I can attest — they put on a damn good show live, and their powerful music has been called a “message of peace and pluralism.”
So I knew when I got the email, I had to spread the word on this little note from DJ Handler and Shemspeed tout de suite.
The headlining finale to the Sephardic Music Festival, P’shutei ha’Am (The Simple People), consisting of the founding members of Shotei ha’Nevuah, are celebrating the last two nights of Chanukah with us in New York at the Knitting Factory:

Monday December 10th – HEEDOOSH, EDOM & Pshutei Ha’am (Simple People), (hosted by Y-Love and dj handler)
Tuesday December 11th – PHARAOH’S DAUGHTER, ASEFA & Pshutei Ha’am (Simple People), (hosted by Y-Love and dj handler)
We are very excited to be able to bring in Pshutei Ha’am from Israel to headline this years Sephardic Music Festival! The group which is formed of the founding members of the world famous Shotei Hanevua bring Middle Eastern melodies with funk and electronic grooves.
Performing for two exclusive nights at the Knitting Factory along with local Sephardic heroes Pharaoh’s Daughter, Asefa, Edom and Heedoosh, hosted by Y-Love and dj handler. These are the two most exciting nights of the festival that you do not want to miss!!

Doors open for both events at 8pm, and tickets are $25 — with a $5 discount if you RSVP to [email protected]. Both events are open to celebrants of all ages.
Happy Chanukah to all, and to all a good light.

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