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Chanukah/Shabbos Zmiros – Dreidel Bird from The Macaroons

This Chanukah has been quite a doozy, in terms of candles. We got two Shabbatot this Chanukah, making tonight a whopping eleven-candle evening.

As you watch your eleven candles burn low, check out the new video from The Macaroons, for their song Dreidel Bird. Billed as “JDub’s first kids band,” The Macaroons are notable in my book for making Jewish kids music that doesn’t sound obnoxious and doesn’t talk down to kids. I’ve only heard a couple of songs by them so far, but so far it seems like original, clever music. And for a video composed entirely of shots of dreidels spinning, this is a pretty cool video too!

One thought on “Chanukah/Shabbos Zmiros – Dreidel Bird from The Macaroons

  1. The Macaroons CD has quickly made its way into our family’s pretty much daily playlist (along with TMBG’s “Here come the ABCs” and Putomayo Kids’ “Hawaiian Playground”) and it’s good stuff.

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