Third Annual Hazon Food Conference is Just One Week Away!

In just one week, hundreds of people from around the world will be gathering on the gorgeous central California coast near Monterey is learn about and discuss the roles of Jewish communities in regards to issues of food security, food justice, nutrition and environmental protection, just to name a few. Hazon is continuing what has become an annual tradition of a kosher slaughter of sustainable and locally raised animals. fclogoThe first year, a goat was slaughtered; last year people enjoyed a whole slew of turkeys. This year, Hazon is stepping it up a bit and having volunteers purchase and assist in the slaughter and preparation of chickens before the conference begins.
In addition to incredible workshops and informational sessions on topics related to food, the Hazon Food Conference exhibits inclusiveness and pluralism at its best, featuring numerous minyanim to suit any affiliation, a Shabbat friendly environment (and maybe even an eruv this year!). A couple of examples of topics people will be learning about are:

Do-It-Yourself Food
Food Justice
Jewish Tradition and Food: History and Culture
Health and Nutrition
Food Systems and Sustainability
Israel: Food & Agriculture
Jewish Food Education
Fasting and the Holiday of Asara B’Tevet

It’s not too late to register and join us next week

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