Charendoff to Steinhardt: Ethnocentricity Is Sooo Passé

Mark Charendoff tells Michael Steinhardt where to stick his “Save Jews, not Harvard” op-ed:

Philanthropists are not ignoring Jewish causes because they have used up all their money with donations to Harvard. If someone endows a university program for millions of dollars, it’s likely that he or she will move on to endow their next project. The challenge for us is to entice these philanthropists with creative, large projects that will attract their interest. They are ignoring specifically Jewish causes because we have not presented visions worthy of $100 million investments. Michael’s own experience bears this out.

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One thought on “Charendoff to Steinhardt: Ethnocentricity Is Sooo Passé

  1. Truth is the “Jewish” charities like the federation has no vision.
    In addition they give to all sorts of causes that are not Jewish- this includes churches, hospitals and schools that are not Jewish.
    Why would anyone give money to them?

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