Identity, Justice

Chassidic Gangs, Liberation Seders, and Bernie Sanders

After a one-month hiatus, we’re back with Episode 17! This week, we talked with activist and journalist Jesse Myerson about his recent exchange with the Forward’s JJ Goldberg and the Jewish media’s coverage of Bernie Sanders. We took a new approach to describing the Shkoyach segment, Sam talked about a Chassidic gang in Borough Park, and David awarded his Shkoyach to a Montreal synagogue distancing themselves from an illegal kosher wine ring.  For the interview, we were joined by Michelle Weiser from the new group If Not Now to talk about their origins, their Liberation Seder actions, and their strategy of confronting the institutional Jewish community. Finally, the deadline to submit to the new issue of Jenna Brager’s Doykeit Zine is rapidly approaching – we spoke with her briefly for this week’s recommendation. You can find the show notes on our website.
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