Children of Abraham Peace Walk

Good friends are organizing this great event Sunday in NYC.


You are invited to join a Children of Abraham Peace Walk from the Islamic Society of Bayridge, Brooklyn to the Park Slope Jewish Center on June 18th, Father’s Day, in honor of the Father of us all. Come meet your neighbors — Jewish, Muslim, and Christian; American, Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, Pakistani, Yemenite, Lebanese, Latino, and more. This is a walk, not a march; all political commitments and orientations are welcome.
Imam Shata – who may be familiar to you from the NY Times cover stories that featured his visionary leadership – has inspired his large, traditional Muslim community to participate in this walk following their afternoon prayers; they eagerly look forward to walking alongside their Jewish neighbors as a shared expression of their desire for peace and mutual understanding. We as Jewish leaders often lament the lack of opportunities for Jewish-Muslim contact. Here is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate, visibly, our commitment to peace and relationships with our neighbors.
Sunday, June 18, 2006
1:30PM: Tours of the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge mosque followed by brief prayers by Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergy
2:00PM: Begin walking to Park Slope Jewish Center
Begins with welcome and tour of the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge. Ends with light refreshments and tour of Park Slope Jewish Center.
Islamic Society of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
6807 Fifth Avenue (between 68th & 69th Streets)
Park Slope Jewish Center, Brooklyn
14th Street and Eighth Avenue
For further information, contact:
Rabbi Ellen Lippmann (718) 633-6377
Debbie Almontaser (917) 559-8480
Wael Mousfar (917) 498-6848
Rabbi Melissa Weintraub (917) 854-6540
Rev. Tom Martinez (718) 915-2600

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