Jews for Jesus "Grand Finale" in NYC July 1-29

In 2001, Jews for Jesus launched the Behold Your God Campaign, the largest evangelistic outreach in the history of their ministry, committing 5 years and $22 million to this aggressive effort to convert Jews. Teams of trained missionaries and volunteers have hit 66 cities around the world, outside of Israel, with a Jewish population of 25,000 or more. In their words:

“For the first time ever we are calling together all of the Jews for Jesus missionaries from around the world for this campaign. Reaching into all five boroughs of the city and to the surrounding counties of Westchester, Bergen, Suffolk and Nassau, this major effort will also have a specialized ministry to the more than half a million Russian-speaking Jews, the 200,000 Israelis and New York’s sizeable Orthodox Jewish community. This adds up to nine campaigns running simultaneously!!! … We are estimating the total cost of this campaign to be $3,133,446…”

The campaign will include door-to-door visits, direct mail, phone calling, evangelistic ads in English and Russian newspapers, Hebrew and Russian-speaking teams, music concerts in the cities and at the beaches, special web sites, evangelistic billboards, special media campaigns, art exhibits, film screenings, and more.
Jews for Judaism is working with the New York JCRC and other groups to provide educational resources and programming in the NY area in preparation for the missionary campaign. Click here to find out more about the NY BYG campaign, general FAQ on Jews for Jesus and other missionary groups that target Jews for conversion, and what you can do.
If you would like to volunteer or receive information and response materials or arrange a speaker, program or seminar for your community or institution, please call us at 1-800-477-6631, e-mail us at nybyg at jewsforjudaism dot org or complete this form. For more info, visit Jews for Judaism.

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