Coerced or Not, Palestinians Who Assist Israel Face Death

Whatever the truth, the videotape offers insights into the shadowy world of Palestinian informers, real or suspected. Israel recruits thousands of them with offers of, if not sex, money and valuable favors like travel permits or reduced jail sentences, say Palestinians, who regard collaborators as traitors and have killed many of them.

There’s a clip of an accused collaborator being killed by a firing squad in Relentless. Fucking grusome.

Just last August, The Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade (a faction of Yassir Arafat’s Fatah movement) killed their first female ‘collaborator.’ There was no trial… Just a videotaped confession at gunpoint. And then a fatal shot.

When I say I want justice for both peoples…

2 thoughts on “Coerced or Not, Palestinians Who Assist Israel Face Death

  1. NY Times has a similar article today.
    This gives the lie to the idea that the PA “is unable to stop terrorists”. BS – they actually imprison and kill the folks who help to track down the terrorists.
    And there are still some folks who’d like to believe that the terrorists are somehow unrelated to Arafat and the general Palestinian political structure….

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