Geneva Turns To Shite

Despite earlier reports saying otherwise, a recent Haaretz poll concludes that only 31% of Israelis support the Geneva Accords. Sure, that sucks. But what’s worse is that Arafat has apparently withdrawn his support for it, and his Fatah movement has outright condemned it.

“Fatah’s stance is clear and public: We are opposed to this document,” West Bank Fatah leader Hussein A-Sheikh told Israel Radio. “This document does harm to the historical rights of the Palestinian people, the right of return (of Palestinian refugees) and of the return of Jerusalem.”

This is a total reversal of Arafat’s position last month.

Can it get any worse? Sure. The Palestinian drafters of the peace accords are now being targeted by Fatah’s militant faction as “collaborators and traitors serving the Americans and Zionists.” Just fuckin’ great.

Once again, ladies and gentlement, Yassir Arafat: the stumbling block in the road to peace. With Arik Sharon bringing up the rear, it’s a wonder it got as far as it did. I guess that plan’s dead in the water. Thanks guys! You sure are looking out for everyone’s best interests!

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