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Counting the Omer's digits digitally

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Today is the fifteenth day of the Omer.
As we move from the freedom of Pesach to the responsibilities delivered to us on Shavuot, we count out the 49 days of the Omer period. If the practice is unfamiliar to you, I recommend My Jewish Learning’s intro to it.
If you consult the sidur, you’ll be told how to count it out loud at the end of your evening prayers as each new day of the Omer begins.
But today, there are many ways to count using the internet. Last year, I blogged every single day of the Omer. This year, Rabbi Andy Bachman is doing the same thing at his blog, Water Over Rocks.
Myself and several fellow Jewschoolers are using our Facebook statuses this year:


You can also count along with @TweetingTheOmer.
How are you counting this year?
BTW, the awesome art above can be found here.
And if you’re looking for a tasty, hands-on way to do it, check out the candy Omer counter.

3 thoughts on “Counting the Omer's digits digitally

  1. I blogged the omer in ’07 (and Jewschool wrote about it then) at countingtheomer.blogspot.com — I like to think I was ahead of the curve. 😛
    Last year I set up the Twitter account “Counting the Omer,” but I ultimately decided against tweeting the omer. I knew someone would eventually, though.

  2. My contribution to the online omer-fest is the Homer Calendar, http://homer.jvibe.com. It’s one joke, taken to its utmost extreme, but the counting aids are real. This year’s update includes materials from the “Simpsons Go To Israel” episode of a few weeks ago.
    Happy period of semi-mourning!

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