Coup Coup For Claims Conference Bucks

Earlier this week we linked to a story regarding allegations of mismanaged funds at the WJC. Though mentioned in passing, Haaretz reported that WJC Senior Vice President Isi Liebler, who waged the accusations, “dismissed those who say he represents a right-wing minority that is trying to take over the organization, calling the accusation a ‘diversion’ from the financial issues at hand.”

An interesting insight to take under consideration: Some of you may recall Bibi’s attempt last year to take over the Claims Conference, which is managed by the WJC. It has been suggested by some that Liebler is, in fact, a fanatical Bibi-devotee and a major campaign contributor of his, and thus he may just be stirring the pot to help Bibi become the sole-arbiter of Holocaust reparation money.

If this is the case, this mess might just get a whole lot messier before it goes away.

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