Crackers of Hate at Columbia

I’m in Chicago for the rest of Passover, but that doesn’t stop me from blogging about New York. Apparently a Matzah-related hate crime was perpetrated at Columbia University this week. At first thinking it was a cracker, Bwog reported the appearance of matzah strapped to a plate covered with symbols. Those included a swastika, and the letters BM, which apparently refer to British Movement, a British Neo-Nazi group. Public Safety’s response to reports can be read here.
Silly anti-semites. Don’t they know care packages are more appropriate around Purim time?

One thought on “Crackers of Hate at Columbia

  1. that’s most certainly not matzah and is indeed a water cracker. which is funny, of course, because the cracker should more directly offend the crazy ass cracka laying out this tainted shaloch manot.

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