2 thoughts on “Darfur Petition

  1. In light of the fact that America is stuck in Iraq(not my doing) and the UN can’t intervene in anything without America, might a more practical solution be to arm the AU forces better so they can patrol the camps at night and not just in the day? Also if the AU can handle it with better weaponry why not just use them anyway. I fear intervention fuels the American Imperialism meme.

  2. The Brookings Institution and Refugees International both recently released reports chronicling the completely inadequate nature of the AU force in Darfur.
    They need money, they need soldiers, they need weapons and logistical capabilities, and they need a stronger mandate. But those things don’t just happen – they require effort (and a willingness to force Sudan to accept them.)
    Nobody is calling for the intervention of US troops – they are calling on the world to live up to its responsibility to help the AU stop the violence.

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