8 thoughts on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. Oy vey. So Kirk Cameron’s never been a very good actor, but why has he shunned Kabbalah and Scientlogy like the rest of Hollywood’s freak show and become an evangelist? This won’t look good on his CV. Which leaves me with a moral dilemma…whether to burn my kitsch ‘Growing Pains’ DVDs or not? Decisions, decisions.

  2. Since he was a ‘devout atheist’ at the time (Kirk’s words), I think that holding on to the discs would be a good idea. When Kirk and Comfort finish converting the ‘ten million’ and start building their Museum to Atheism and Heresy your disc may be a prized historic artifact.

  3. I got as far as the banana being designed with a “non-slip surface”, then I just couldn’t listen any longer.

  4. I thought the banana part was actually kinda convincing. The stuff about the car wasn’t, though, and it was really hard to listen to the parts where they actually try to convert real atheists. The good news is their conversion techniques suck. They advocate getting the atheist to admit they’re an agnostic, but not spending too much time on intellectual stuff — going as quickly as possible to the “conscience,” which basically means showing them that they’re a sinner and are going to hell, which of course they can’t prevent without you-know-who in their hearts.

  5. Ano,
    Are you aware that the banana is a hybrid? God didn’t design it; we did (I don’t know how much resemblance it bears to its wild antecedents, regarding its convenient ridges and such!).

  6. Nope, didn’t know about banana history. A little web searching suggests that some wild bananas are edible, but most weren’t. At least some of them look pretty similar to modern hybrids. There might be something there, but I guess it’s hardly the “atheist’s nightmare” the video depicts.

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