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Did the IDF REALLY cause the deaths in Qana?

After all of the apologies and after all of the regrets expressed by Israeli Prime Ministers past and present, Yediot Aharonot, inter alia, reports:

An IDF investigation has found that the building in Qana struck by the Air Force fell around eight hours after being hit by the IDF.
[…] Eshel and the head of the IDF’s Operational Branch, Major General Gadi Eisnkot said the structure was not being attacked when it collapsed, at around 8:00 in the morning.
The IDF believes that Hizbullah explosives in the building were behind the explosion that caused the collapse.

Another possible explanation is that the IDF-compromised building fell hours later as a result of volatile materials which were left in the building. So, perhaps Amir Paster didn’t have to desert the IDF in protest of the civilian killings?

15 thoughts on “Did the IDF REALLY cause the deaths in Qana?

  1. It’s kind of messed you would even post this… it’s on par with that claim that it wasn’t the Israeli gunboats shelling a Gaza beach that killed those women adn children, but palestinian landmines!.
    Hezbollah are a smart, efficient fighting force. They know if they plant ammounition or launch attacks near civilians they will a) erode their own base of support and more importantly for them, b) get picked off by collaborators, just like what happens to hamas and fatah
    Note: Hezbollah is not hiding behind civilians. I’m no fan of Hezbollah, but clearly in this conflict they are the lesser of two evils and hopefully they can resist Israeli aggression enough to defend the people of Lebanon.
    It’s sick you’re even repeating these apologies for IDF massacres.

  2. Please.
    How can anyone take what you write seriously, when say half of the stuff you say, Fedaykin?
    I also think, Y-Love, that it’s quite suspect that out of 60 or so inhabitants, 39 of them were children.
    I would not put anything past Hizballah—certainly not the explosion of a building, the forcing of civilians to stay in a building, and even the murder of civilians prior to or during an attack.

  3. fedyakin — that is utter bullshit. lebanese civilians themselves are telling the press that hezbollah used their houses to launch attacks. more here. those martyred for the cause are honored as heroes. hezbollah doesn’t care if civilians are caught in the crossfire, as lebanese bloggers were quick to proclaim at the outset of the war.
    if anything is wrong with this post, it’s the fact that a building, once its structure has been weakened sufficiently, can collapse at any given time. world trade center 7, if we’re to believe it was not intentionally demolished, fell hours after two buildings fell across the street — without so much as a direct hit. it’s fellacious to think that the building couldn’t have collapsed on its own, hours later, after being sufficiently weakened by missile fire.

  4. Stop conjuring up senerios to place the blame of this shame on Hezbollah. You are sickening in your apologetics for Isreal’s myriad crimes.
    Grow up and stop apologizing for IDF terrorism. Your worse than Hezbollah because you have the US superpower to subsidize your apologetics.
    The fact that you non-fighting infants cannot face is that Isreal is failing with these crimes.
    What Hitler could not do you US-lead fanatics will do to yourselves.
    Hezbollah are looking like honorable freedom fighters, zionists are looking like fanatical creeps. Don’t believe me–then keep cheering on the carnage from your air conditioned homes and see how this turns out.

  5. Who the fu*k is Sydney C. and why is he spitting all of this nonsense. Ahem… Mobius you may not be for censoring nonsense from one of your contributors but maybe you need to tell this person to chill. You’ve done it before and have threatened others (formermuslim).
    Outside of the IDF can any other source like say the U.N. corroborate this scenario?

  6. Sidney C.
    What would you propose as an alternative method in dealing with Hezbollah. Israel withdrew from Lebanon unilaterally and in the time since then, Hezbollah has strengthened their position and amassed a cache of rockets that are currently falling on Israel. I suppose Israel should just continue to let these rockets fall because the terrorists have planted themselves in the middle of civillian populations. The real crime here is Hezbollah holding hostage the v ery citizens that it says they are protecting.
    Is there any scenario in which it would be ok for Israel to defen d herself? Why isn’t unprovoked kidnapping of soldiers and rocket attacks qualify?

  7. I’ll respond to Mobius in a second, but I need to get ready for work…
    I’d also like to distance myself from Syndey’s comparisons of Israel is Hitler’s Germany. I don’t think it’s a very good comparison. Maybe a better one would be Israel to South Africa, [since both are founded on aparteid], although I think even then the analogy is still a bit spurious.
    But yeah, equating Hitler’s germany with Israel is kind of ridiculous and I think it serves to invalidate legitimate criticism of current events and Israeli/US foreign policy. There are no correlations ebtween Germany and Israel… Germany was a world power and the leading economic manufacturer in europe… Israel is a recently colonized sliver of land in the middle east with no independent economic base and is depednent on US foreign and military aid to even sustain itself.
    That and while I think the current nationalism in Israel we are seeing is pretty odious, i don’t think it’s a parallel to nazism.

  8. Fedaykin, I believe that the racist US anglo-power has very many anteceedents with Hitler. Really, the fasicm that gave emotive force to Nazi Germany is evident thoughout history. Making Hitler a special exception, and the victims of Hitler special victims is really a dishonor toward the people that fought and died during that period of time.
    Isreal’s national psyche comes to mirror that of their greatest historical nemisis. The identities of nazi Germany and Isreal are intertwined–but, of course, not inter-changeable.
    Read the descriptions of the Arabs and review past actions of the fanatical zionist leaders of Isreal. The comparisions with nazi Germany are not too off-base.
    Especially when mossad helps prop up rightwing racist dictatorships in the service of its US benefactors. Pretty sick stuff–but you must have the courage to look it in the eye if you want anything more than the mass suicidal senerio that the rightwing ‘Christians’ have in store for you.

  9. Uzi (love the militaristic name bro) I would have you contemplate your question: “Why isn’t unprovoked kidnapping of soldiers and rocket attacks qualify?”
    Really, using your illogic, then Isreal would have been wiped off the map because of the invasions, assasinations, kidnappings and attacks that the Jewish state perpetrates on all of its neighbors on an almost daily basis.
    Really, you question belies a good bit of ethical retardation or willful blindness. Thank God all Isrealis are not so willfuly ignorant as you appear to be.
    Advice: next time some group attacks the IDF, don’t get yourselves involved in a war that will only make your nation weaker. Just a thought. Or, you can follow Bush’s lead. Are zionists really that stupid? Don’t answer that.

  10. Impersonation of Mikey D. : waah, waaah, i don’t like what that bad man has to say, wahhh, wahhhh–ban the bad man daddy, he called me a bad name. Get AIPAC to destroy him financially becasue he called the zionist fanatics in Isweeal bad names. waaah, wahhhh. Daddy, Daddy (meaning Bush, of course) bomb that bad man. LOL you crack me up.

  11. You silly bitch, Uzi isn’t a militaristic name, it’s a common Hebrew name meaning “my protection,” and it was long before there was a gun called the Uzi. Maybe you should actually learn something about history. Or about Jewish culture. Or, better yet, just shut the fuck up already.

  12. Jesus Michael, what crawled up your skirt. Thanks for the history lesson. But your response was ‘disproportionate’ LOL
    Tisk, tisk Michael, your ad hominem attacks signal that you don’t have the mental wherewithall to defend your positions–but that seems like a common malady for the apologists for Isreal state terror.

  13. Meanwhile, the evidence mounts:
    – as they were “discovered” in the rubble just an hour after the collapse, some of the bodies already had rigor mortis – which sets in only 12 hours after death. Some of the corpses were already grey.
    – no blood or bruises, as one would expect from bodies crushed to death.
    – no concrete dust in the victims’ hair – or on the clothes of the “rescue” workers pulling the bodies out of a convenient hole in the rubble.

  14. All this “evidence” that Qana was staged might be real and it might not be, but to me it has the whiff of the belief, common in the Arab world, that Arabs were not responsible for 9/11.
    Basically, good people who want to defend “their side” in an argument and don’t want to deal with excusing or condemning blips in the operation of “their side” concoct these conspiracy theories…

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