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Vichy You Were Here

According to The New York Times:

The French foreign minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, held talks with Prime Minister Fouad Siniora in Beirut today and with other officials, and later spoke of what he said was the important role Iran could play in resolving the crisis.
While the United States has criticized Iran for what it calls its support for Hezbollah, Mr. Douste-Blazy said Iran was an important actor in the Middle East and that the country played a “stabilizing role” in the region.
“It is clear that we could never accept the destabilization of Lebanon, which could lead to destabilization of the region,” Mr. Douste-Blazy told reporters in Beirut.
“In the region there is of course a country such as Iran — a great country, a great people and a great civilization which is respected and which plays a stabilizing role in the region,” he said.

Indeed, Iran plays a superb “stabilizing role in the region.” For those of you who don’t understand French, “stabilizing role” means “Genocidal, fascist regime determined to perpetrate a Holocaust more efficiently than that which occurred in countries such as France.”
Now don’t hate me, I’m progressive. Really, I am.
Full shonda.

9 thoughts on “Vichy You Were Here

  1. REally, Isreal and its white supremicist US supporters are the far more destablizing force in the Middle East than is Iran.
    Iraq anyone? Love to see the IDF go into Iran–this brave nazi fighting force would get its ass kicked. What next zionists?==are you goint to nuke’em like your bretheren in the US did to the Japanese? Oh yeah—you all have swallowed the wasp line on why all those Japanese civilians needed to die for ‘peace’.
    You align yourself with the most virulent racists (the wasp US) while you cultivate hate for all the people in the Middle East. And you call the French fascists? The humor!

  2. REally, let’s play a game called ‘who’s the facist’
    The term has almost been evacuated of any cogent descriptive meaning. But, hey, given the Shah’s reign of bloody, US-supported terror, I guess that the Iranians today could do worse.
    Really, Uncle Sammie and Isweeal don’t want to promote a war with Iran. Look how badly you guys are doing in Iraq. But, stupid is as stupid does. I would put my money on Iran–if Isweel dosn’t immitate its benefactor, the US, and just nuke millions of people.
    Terrorism–its what the ‘other guys’ do, always, never US. LOL

  3. EV, I was calling you a fascist, a la Cole’s post, for not taking the “progressive” line on Iran. Sorry if that didn’t come through.
    You know I got nuthin’ but love for ya.
    But, for the record, I think France as a nationalist entity concerned primarily with its prominence on the world stage–which it measures according to the number of times it screws over the US and Israel–can be deemed Fascist at times…Then again I admit that I say that only because France drives me mad.
    And Sydney, the name is “Israel”–I have no clue what “Isweel” is supposed to imply. But it’s not cute. And, for the record, you’re a moron.

  4. “Isweel” the way a spoiled brag, thug-egomaniac immersed in violent infintile delusions of grandure and blood pronounces the name of the Jewish State.
    The US and Isreal act-out in ways that murder hundreds of thousands of people, pretty facist in anyone’s book.
    Ariel, I am a moron? Boo–hoo hoooo, Daddy, he called me a bad name. boo-hooo hooooo. LOL your funny.
    Names don’t hurt those of us fighting imperialist thuggery–we’ve been done worse to.

  5. Maybe Brave Freedom Fighter Sydney C. would like to go fight Imperialist Thuggery in a more concrete manner than trolling around a Jewish blog – I suggest perhaps a voyage to Western Sahara or Tibet or Sudan – and we’ll see how long it takes for Brave Freedom Fighter Sydney C. to run away screaming, or wind up in a shallow grave.
    But I guess if it’s been determined that harassing Jews online and making faulty Nazi analogies is in fact the most effective way to bring down the Global Capitalist Imperialist Nazi Machine, far be it from me to question our little self-styled Che Guevara.
    ðå, îåáéåñ, úçøéí ëáø àú îèåîèîú äæàú

  6. michael–no, not harrassing ‘Jews’ but the fanatical zionists and apologists for this latest terrorsim.
    My beef is with the empire–not “Jews” as a group. I don’t put Jews above or below any other group on Earth, and i count as my mentors and heros many decent jewsih folk who have taken the lessons from Nazi Germany to heart.
    Defending Israel is legit–but going beyond that to smash your critic’s face in the dirt is a surrender to barbarity.
    I don’t want to see the mushroom cloud over the Middle East–so this shit has to stop. I don’t want GW Bush’s and the evangelical ‘Christian’s” end-of-times senerio take place. i want them to die still waiting for the second coming, while Muslim and Jewish children go to school and play with one another.
    In a nutshell that’s my angle in this conflict.
    Don’t like it?–sue me. LOL

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