Disengagement plan may force WorldPride 2005 to be postponed

The Jerusalem Open House (JOH) board met last week (May 4) to discuss whether or not it’d be a wise move to hold this summer’s expected international gay pride festival, WorldPride, during the time of the disengagement from Gaza. The group issued the following statement:

The Jerusalem Open House is fully committed to the holding of the WorldPride 2005 events in Jerusalem. However, in view of the potential timing of the Gaza pullout, we want to openly state that we feel that holding WorldPride exactly on the dates that coincide with the pullout would be highly inappropriate and would do a disservice to the values WorldPride is about: tolerance, pluralism, and equality.
Since at this point in time there is yet no concrete information regarding the precise timing of the disengagement, the JOH will continue monitoring this evolving situation and will decide accordingly – as soon as new, factual information is made available – together with our many friends and supporters around the world and in Israel. We advise those making their travel plans for this summer to take these considerations into account – and we look forward to a meaningful, successful WorldPride in Jerusalem.

Stay tuned for the final word from JOH.

One thought on “Disengagement plan may force WorldPride 2005 to be postponed

  1. Some people think that the fact that the expulsion plan has now been officially postponed once, then it is a sign that it will eventually be totally discarded. The g’zera/decree has passed and am yisrael has ‘won’ – be’ezrat hashem.
    Now that the Jerusalem worldpride parade is also being postponed, the same logic will apply. Sorry to all those involved in the hard work.

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