13 thoughts on “The advantage of using a lightsaber…

  1. The blade won’t need cleaning (burns everything to ash anyways), but the metal parts might require cleaning through a Force-guided meditation to find the little bits of chametz left over from brunch.

  2. Since the crystals are the ‘cli rishon’, then you’d could probably kosher it by simply leaving the lightsaber on for 15 minutes so that any chametz left over is pagum.
    I assume that the next SW movie is coming out soon?

  3. I saw the “butter knife” sized version in ” Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. But I would love one. Would it be classed as lasers is my only question.

  4. posting a link to a .exe file without even identifying it is f*cked up. if ever there was a comment to ban mobius this is it. i don’t want to have to start wearing condoms when i visit jewschool. thank you.

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