“Does The Jewish State Have a Future?”

I am happy to announce that soundfiles from the April 20th event with Tony Judt at Columbia University (organized by Israel Forum, co-sponsored with Remarque Institute), are now online.

The April event — “Does the Jewish State Have a Future? Debating Israel in America” — drew 400 people, packing the auditorium. Here is some more info about the event:

Tony Judt, Director of the Remarque Institute at New York University, has been at the center of this controversy since the publication of his article, “Israel: The Alternative”, in the New York Review of Books. In his talk, he presented his views on the One-State solution and on the powerful reactions his article engendered. Joining him for this public discussion were Amos Elon, noted Israeli author and historian; Alan Brinkley, professor of American history and Provost of Columbia University; and Raef Zreik, a Palestinian-Israeli civil rights lawyer and political activist.

This upcoming fall we have many more exciting events planned. It is possible to subscribe to this mailing list through the Israel Forum’s website. Encourage your friends to do the same.

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